For decoration, identification and also marketing purpose stickers, which are a type of labels, are printed in Singapore.

Sticker is a type of printing on paper with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side.
Color, shape, size of printed stickers will depen on each situation they are going to be used.
Normally, in Singapore, printed stickers are made of autoadhesive paper.
In Singapore, stickers printing is a marketing tool for companies show their products, services and offers.
Sticker printing in Singapore is intented as a sell support for detailing the benefits of a product or service, and for  strengthening a brand.

Once stickers are on client’s hand they (customers) become the marketing vehicle for the brand
For Comapnies in Singapore benefits of  stickers printing are variated in short, medium or long terms, thats why they are irreplaceable in marketing area.

You may wonder what are the benfits of stickers printing, well here some of them:

-Printing of stickers allow publicity stays longer at sight of customers and potential customers
-Stickers are one of the cheapest printed weapons.
-In Singapore technology has given the posibility of different size sticker printing.
-With the printing of one sticker thousands of potential clients could be reached.
-Stickers are an excellent idea to show schocking and short messages.
-Stickers can be stick to almost every superface.
As any other marketing tool, sticker printing should analayze and  answer questions like: “Who is my market? Who I want to communicate with? where do I reach my audience? Is my whole audience from Singapore? What do they target need or is asking for? what they are interested at? what is my message? How do I share the identity of my brand, clean and simply?
Also, design of stickers before printing should be thinked. Color, icons, general structure could  impact on how the audience  uptake the message.