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Sticker Printing


Sticker printing is very popular in Singapore as it is quite a novelty. Many design students like to make stickers because it is interesting and a unique form of medium to print on. Sticker printing is great for student projects or for artists looking to sell their prints at exhibitions or art fairs.


This medium is an interesting one because it is small, compact, and lightweight. The adhesive part of the sticker can be stuck on anywhere. Of course there are large stickers that are used for industrial purposes. Some artists prefer large stickers, but that is their preference. If it fits their purpose and idea, then the type of medium is made even more special. There are many places in Singapore that do sticker printing and it is quite affordable. No need to fret, all you need to do is provide the sticker design and let the printer do its job. Depending on your needs, you might want the printer to cut for you too.


Sticker printing is still a relevant job and it’s still a very unique form of medium because it has an added function than papers and foam boards, obviously. There are different types of sticker papers of different weight. Depending what the sticker’s purpose is for, the weight can set the tone of the meeting or art. Young artists and art students like to make stickers because it is quite a selling point – the fact that it can be stuck on most surfaces means that stickers can be a powerful tool for these artists to promote themselves.


Sticker printing could have been a thriving part of the printing industry before the 21st century because of it’s special function. Children used to collect stickers and exchange stickers as a hobby. There are many other things that are made using the concept of stickers like, stamps and envelopes. The adhesive is a wonderful, innovative and useful invention. There are still many things that use stickers. It can be a very fun and interesting way to spread messages and it is fairly inexpensive. And stickers come in all shapes and sizes.


Sticker printing is one of the mandatory printing service you will see in many printing shops and the prices for such stickers are pretty reasonable. Not very competitive so that is why young art students and starving artists use this form of medium often.